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Brazilian Blowout - $350

The Brazilian Blowout is a revolutionary process that softens, shines and straightens hair. The treatment is gentle, gentle enough to be used on children. The treatment is healthy, it penetrates the hair repairing internal damage, and coats the hair preventing further damage. The results are smooth, silky, shiny, straight hair. Entire treatment completed in just 90 minutes. No down time!

The Brazilian Blowout is universal, suitable for all types of chemically treated hair, including: bleached, highlighted, colored, relaxed, permed and previously straightened hair. The Brazilian Blowout calms, revitalizes and resurrects curly, frizzy, damaged, dull, lifeless and mistreated hair.

Brazilian Blowout has become the industry's leader and smoothing treatment of choice. Why? Because:

     1. Brazilian Blowout formulation enables clients to shampoo the following day verses 3 - 4 days after the treatment as do competing systems.

     2. Brazilian Blowout leaves the hair silkier, glossier and lighter weight than competing brands. As of January, 2011, I have completed 208 Brazilian Blowout treatments.



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